Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Happy new year!!
It is officially 2013 and with this new year it brings a sense of a fresh start and a new beginning for many. The resolutions are made and hope is restored. I'm now over halfway through my final year of high school and the pressure is weighing on me and my peers, but my 'resolution' is to stay determined and strong and keep focused on the end goal. In all teenagers lives there is always drama, even if you do your best to avoid it, and sometimes this drama and negativity becomes so overwhelming that you lose sight of what is really important. For me, my goal is to stay focused on my school work and ensure i leave school in a few months knowing i gave it everything i had and left my little mark on the school. My main downfall is i have trust issues and when i try and overcome this i am always reminded by the people around me why its best that i dont trust anyone (except my mum of course), but when i become depressed about not having true friends which i can trust i always remember that some people are meant to stay in your life and others are just passing through, but all of these people leave some kind of mark in your life whether negative or positive and it is important to realise that they were apart of your life for a reason. Whether to support you and love you, or to try and bring you down which should ultimately make you stronger they were there for a reason, and at 15 years old i have so much more ahead of me and im going to meet so many new people over the next year especially when i start college and new people will come into my life and those who tried to bring me down will be gone. As cliche as it may sound this new year has just made be step back an revaluate who i am and who i want to be and the impact that i want to have on peoples lives, no matter how much negativity someone me i want to inspire and have a positive impact on their life.
I know this post is very deep and emotional but i think the new year triggers the same kind of feelings in everyone. So i wish everyone a happy new year and hope you achieve everything u have worked for.

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