Saturday, 18 February 2012

Teenagers don't belong in bubble wrap!!!

Now i think its safe to say that all teenagers have the problem of their parent(s) trying to wrap you in bubble wrap to stop all you from experiencing life and the cruel things it brings. If your parents aren't like that an are really easy going, then we hate you!
(Only joking....sort of)
Anyway, i can really sympathize with those of you suffering with overprotective parents. My mum, god bless her, she smothers me to death! Only in the past couple of months has my mum let me go into town with a friend, and even then she has to drop me off pick me up and know exactly what i'm doing. Then when i moan at her for not lettin me just do my own thing and make mistakes she comes out with "you will understand when you have kids".... really mum, your talking to a 14 year old girl about kids!! I have no idea what that is like and dont want to know for MANY MANY years, so how is that helpful to me at this point in my life? It isn't! Im not saying i want to go out getting drunk and causing trouble, i just want to tell say to her im going into town for a bit ill be back soon. Is that so much to ask?
To be honest though i can kick and scream but its like to talking to a brick wall, somehow she always manages to turn it round on me and make me feel guilty!
Oh well, im never going to be allowed to have a social life until im about 40! i love my mum to pieces but god she can be annoying! Dont you just love the stupid little dramas of a teenagers life?
See you soon!! xx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The word relaxing is not in my vocabulary...

as i have said in a previous post, i am on half term break. To the majority of teenagers this should sound like paradise, no teachers, no uniform, just you and your friends hanging out. If only that was the case for me. You see my mum works during the day and so does my brother so i have the house to myself, this should be the time where i relax eat all the food in the house and watch rubbish television, but that's just not me. I like being out, even if its only going to the supermarket, i hate being stuck indoors not doing anything!! I get so bored! The solution to this problem would be ringing up some mates and going into town for a bit, however when you have  an EXTREMELY overprotective mother the chances of having a social life of any kind is ruined. Don't get me wrong i love my mum to pieces but for someone like me who gets restless and bored very quickly staying in and waiting till she gets home is not what i call fun. So there you go, that is how i have spent my day, doing absolutely nothing! I know i shouldn't complain, but hey I'm a teenager its what we are programmed to do.
See you soon!! xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mid-Life Crisis!! (at 14)

Now i know i said i would save all the talk about careers for another day as it is valentines day, a day of love and happiness. However, i have just experienced an extremely premature mid-life crisis and feel the need to tell you all. As i am nearing the end of my compulsory education, in 1 years time, i have been given all the talk about deciding what i want to do with the rest of my life and if im going to college, and if you dare say to a teacher that you don't know what your going to do the look of disapproval and disgust is overwhelming. Anyway, as i was looking through my local college brochure consisting of all the courses they have to offer, panic swept over and my eyes began filling with tears. My mid-life crisis had started. I realised after looking at all the courses available none of them appealed to me in the slightest and that if i didn't go to college the chances of me getting a decent job were tiny. So then i was left with these utterly repulsive thoughts:

  • I have no idea what job i would like to pursue in the future
  • None of the college courses appealed to me
  • I am probably going to be stuck in my hometown for the rest of my life
  • I am probably going to work in a dead end job forever
  • I am going to die without ever accomplishing anything
Okay, so i may be a little over dramatic, but you get what im trying to say. I hope this blogpost has made you see the pressure we are under and that in the mind of a young teenager everything leads to complete and utter failure....maybe i should actress :)
see you soon!! xx

Valentines Day!!

Happy valentines day everyone,
v-day is not a day i like (not just because I'm single) i just see it as a pointless day and have no wish to celebrate it. However i no a lot of people love this holiday so ignore me and my depressing dislike and enjoy this day with that special someone or just with your girlfriends!! Today i was going to rant about the struggle of finding a job in the state our country is in, but it didn't seem appropriate considering the day, so u have that to look forward to (lucky you). So i leave you with the hope that you have an amazing day whether you celebrate valentines day or not and stay happy and healthy.
see you soon! xx

Monday, 13 February 2012

hello, welcome to the not so dramatic life of a teenage girl!

Now i know that the trials and tribulations surrounding my life as a high school girl are not that interesting to people who actually have their own problems in life, however i feel it is important to let you few people reading this blog know the pressure and stress we are under. It may sound pathetic to some of you that i consider aspects of my life to be stressful but i aim to make you see high school students in a whole new light. Here i will take you through the drama, pressure and bitchiness that occurs in my everyday life, i am in year 10 (England) therefore i like to see myself very well educated in the art of high school having dealt with it for almost 4 years. I am currently on half term break for a week but in this time i will give you a bit of background history. If anything i have written has captured even the smallest amount of your interest then i ask of you to stick with me.
see you soon. xx