Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The word relaxing is not in my vocabulary...

as i have said in a previous post, i am on half term break. To the majority of teenagers this should sound like paradise, no teachers, no uniform, just you and your friends hanging out. If only that was the case for me. You see my mum works during the day and so does my brother so i have the house to myself, this should be the time where i relax eat all the food in the house and watch rubbish television, but that's just not me. I like being out, even if its only going to the supermarket, i hate being stuck indoors not doing anything!! I get so bored! The solution to this problem would be ringing up some mates and going into town for a bit, however when you have  an EXTREMELY overprotective mother the chances of having a social life of any kind is ruined. Don't get me wrong i love my mum to pieces but for someone like me who gets restless and bored very quickly staying in and waiting till she gets home is not what i call fun. So there you go, that is how i have spent my day, doing absolutely nothing! I know i shouldn't complain, but hey I'm a teenager its what we are programmed to do.
See you soon!! xx

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