Saturday, 18 February 2012

Teenagers don't belong in bubble wrap!!!

Now i think its safe to say that all teenagers have the problem of their parent(s) trying to wrap you in bubble wrap to stop all you from experiencing life and the cruel things it brings. If your parents aren't like that an are really easy going, then we hate you!
(Only joking....sort of)
Anyway, i can really sympathize with those of you suffering with overprotective parents. My mum, god bless her, she smothers me to death! Only in the past couple of months has my mum let me go into town with a friend, and even then she has to drop me off pick me up and know exactly what i'm doing. Then when i moan at her for not lettin me just do my own thing and make mistakes she comes out with "you will understand when you have kids".... really mum, your talking to a 14 year old girl about kids!! I have no idea what that is like and dont want to know for MANY MANY years, so how is that helpful to me at this point in my life? It isn't! Im not saying i want to go out getting drunk and causing trouble, i just want to tell say to her im going into town for a bit ill be back soon. Is that so much to ask?
To be honest though i can kick and scream but its like to talking to a brick wall, somehow she always manages to turn it round on me and make me feel guilty!
Oh well, im never going to be allowed to have a social life until im about 40! i love my mum to pieces but god she can be annoying! Dont you just love the stupid little dramas of a teenagers life?
See you soon!! xx

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