Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Good friends.....impossible to find!!

Today's post is all about friends! Unfortunately i dont have any friends that i would class as true and trustworthy people. Sad i know. However, i think it is very hard to find people which you can truly connect with and trust 100% because in today's society people are to involved in themselves to care about someone else and would stab their best friend in the back if it meant more success for them. I dont trust anyone completely except my family because i see it as if you dont trust anyone you aren't giving them the ammunition to hurt you. Its wrong to think like but i cant help it, its the way i am. I have a friend now that i used to class as my best friend but now everything's changed. We haven't had some bitchy argument or anything because that is just pathetic but we have just grown apart and no longer have anything in common and i know that given the chance this person would try to ruin me if it meant she got higher. The only reason we stay friends anymore is because its easier, we will finish school in just over a year and then we will have nothing to do with each other. Its sad. It gets me down sometimes that i have no one to talk to my own age and gossip with about boys and clothes, i would love to find just one person that i could say i trust and couldn't see myself being without. I guess that will come with time and meeting new people. The best advice i can give is that if you are reading this and thinking about someone that u trust and cherish and know would never try to hurt you then dont let them go because good friends are hard to come across these days.
Stay happy and healthy,
Kelly xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dont expect me to know.....

Hello again!!
Now i dont know if this only applies to me (im sure it doesn't, but sometimes it feels like it) but doesn't it get you so down and depressed when the people around you expect you to know what to do all the time? At 14 my life has barley begun, i have so many things i want to try and mistakes that i WANT to make in order to learn from and become stronger. The trouble is, is when people around you, in my case friends, think that you have the answer to everything, that i cant be wrong and should be able to solve any problems which they have. I dont know all the answers, no-one does, and i dont want to!! I'm 14 and have so much ahead of me and the message im trying to get across is that, dont let other peoples expectations of you rule how you feel. Dont let the pressures that people put on you change how you think and see things, because the truth is, is that they blame you for their troubles and their mistakes because you always manage to make it through yours!!
Okay, enough with the heavy and meaningful crap.
Stay happy and healthy,
Kelly xx

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Okay so i know i haven't posted in what seems like forever, but school has just been kicking me up the butt!
Teachers breathing down my neck constantly with either of these two things:

  1. "You have a exam in a few weeks, u need to revise!"
  2. "You really need to start thinking hard about what you want to do when you leave school, you only have a year left!"

So yeah. Stress levels have been high recently. (HA! like i could be stressed!). Anyway i just wanted to make a few excuses for my absence and announce my return to the blogging world. Hope that anyone out there reading my blog are sticking with me.
Stay happy and healthy,
Kelly xx