Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dont expect me to know.....

Hello again!!
Now i dont know if this only applies to me (im sure it doesn't, but sometimes it feels like it) but doesn't it get you so down and depressed when the people around you expect you to know what to do all the time? At 14 my life has barley begun, i have so many things i want to try and mistakes that i WANT to make in order to learn from and become stronger. The trouble is, is when people around you, in my case friends, think that you have the answer to everything, that i cant be wrong and should be able to solve any problems which they have. I dont know all the answers, no-one does, and i dont want to!! I'm 14 and have so much ahead of me and the message im trying to get across is that, dont let other peoples expectations of you rule how you feel. Dont let the pressures that people put on you change how you think and see things, because the truth is, is that they blame you for their troubles and their mistakes because you always manage to make it through yours!!
Okay, enough with the heavy and meaningful crap.
Stay happy and healthy,
Kelly xx

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