Monday, 13 February 2012

hello, welcome to the not so dramatic life of a teenage girl!

Now i know that the trials and tribulations surrounding my life as a high school girl are not that interesting to people who actually have their own problems in life, however i feel it is important to let you few people reading this blog know the pressure and stress we are under. It may sound pathetic to some of you that i consider aspects of my life to be stressful but i aim to make you see high school students in a whole new light. Here i will take you through the drama, pressure and bitchiness that occurs in my everyday life, i am in year 10 (England) therefore i like to see myself very well educated in the art of high school having dealt with it for almost 4 years. I am currently on half term break for a week but in this time i will give you a bit of background history. If anything i have written has captured even the smallest amount of your interest then i ask of you to stick with me.
see you soon. xx

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